FLC Membership Information


FBC Membership

Active church members with approved form on file at FLC. No fees.

Minister's Program Membership

This is for local, professional church staff and their immediate family members in the same household:
$25 Semi-annual fee per person. Allows use of Track, Racquetball Court, Locker Room, Game Room, Gym, and Fitness Center.

Community Membership

This is for anyone in our area who is not an FBC church member:
Option #1: $35 Semi-annual fee, Use of track.
Option #2: $50 Semi-annual fee, Use of track, Locker Room, Racquetball Court, Gym, Game Room, but not Fitness Center. (Basketball from 12-2 p.m. only).
Option #3: $125 Semi-annual fee, Use of Fitness Center, Track, Locker Room, Game Room, Racquetball Courts, and Gym.