A Beautiful Transition

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As we've transitioned into being a part of this church, Stacy and I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received. Many have even apologized about not doing more, which makes us wonder what more people could have done!

In thinking about the way that we relate to the church, you'll see me (Rich) at as many disparate events as possible - if we are serious about this intergenerational idea as a church, we will have to create space for us all to spend substantive time together. I think this is the idea that most attracted me to FBC Norman. I know I don't look very old, but for years, I've been reading about how my generation is leaving the church, and I've been trying to figure out how I can be part of a solution that actually keeps them in the church and in faith.

It turns out that when we know each other's names and each other's stories, we are more likely to think of each other family. The hard part (at least for me) is knowing people who aren't like me, who don't run in the same social circles, who are in different age brackets... You get the idea. But we have to do the hard work of being the church together. All of us, together, doing church.

One of the things I learned in business school (that I think I already intuitively knew) is that usually, the solutions to problems already exist in the organization. In other words, us creating space to know each other is something that can already organically happen, but we need people who are willing to break ranks to include others in their section of the family. I know that this doesn't mean involvement in the youth ministry for everyone at our church. But there are needs outside of the youth ministry. How will you be a part of this beautiful transition in the life of FBC Norman?


Millennials and the Church


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