Ash Wednesday Provides an Opportunity for Children and Youth to Lead!

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     It's an amazing thing to see kids and youth leading one another through a holy service like Ash Wednesday.

     Confession, Ashes, Prayer, Communion, Commitment-these are the stations our kids and youth experienced together, hand in hand, to start off the Lent season. We are so blessed to have a church family that embraces and celebrates these moments, and even more blessed to have youth that care and love on our FBC Kids. Our youth are some of the first to volunteer to spend time with our FBC Kids and they do an amazing job! Our FBC Kids love it when they get to be paired with a youth, each time making a new friend.

     The night after the Ash Wednesday service, FBC Kids debriefed upstairs. When asked what they enjoyed most, one child said, "I loved my youth." I loved my youth-what a beautiful thought to be uttered by a child. It would not be possible without our amazing youth group. Thank you FBC Youth for taking the charge of loving our FBC Kids seriously and doing it memorably!

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