College Students on Mission this Summer!

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Krystal and Morgan!      The Kool Katz

Do you know these people? Do you know where they are going this summer? I do! And they are pretty rad. If you do not, here is your chance to get to know these six University students going on mission this summer. 

Krystal Harrington and Morgan Smith will be going to Peru from May to August to work with an organization called OSA (Operacion San Andreas). Krystal is a first year nursing student at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing, and Morgan is a Sophomore at Baylor University. They will be working with new mothers and their children to help them live healthier lives. They are also looking forward to the week that FBC Norman will be joining them! A few youth, some parents, and university students will be taking a trip to Peru to also work with OSA.

The four young men in front of all those cupcakes are [from left to right] Jay Harp, Nick Napoli, Brandon Arrington, and Connor Knudsen. Jay and Connor are both Juniors, and Brandon is a freshman-all at the University of Oklahoma. Nick is a recent graduate from OU who will be attending George W. Truett Theological Seminary this fall. They will be traveling to Europe from May to August to work with different Christian organizations and ministries in four countries. To see more of what their summer will look like, click here!

So now that you know a little about who these delightful University students, go talk to them! They would love to share their excitement and more about their summer plans with you. If you feel called, give to their trips. And as a church family, let's commit to praying for them!

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