Come and See!

Posted by Dr. Wade Smith on

What do you seek?

Come and you will see.

John 1:38-39

Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus and his disciples continually offered Come and See invitations. Come and See Jesus. Come and See the wondrous things He does. Come and See implies that there is something worth seeing. Come and See suggests something new and different. Come and See invites us to Get up and Go.  

Come and See invitations continue to abound. Many of these invitations are simply attractional in nature. We come, we see, we go home. The inspiration of the moment soon wanes. We are left empty and seeking new and different opportunities to Come and See.  

As we study the life of Jesus, however, we discover that Come and See invitations are just the starting point for a deeper relationship with God. Jesus’ Come and See invitations always lead to the ultimate invitation: Come and Follow

Come and See invitations continue to bring people to Jesus. Thus, Easter 2016 will be a season of Come and See at First Baptist. Come and See Jesus. Come and See the wonderful things God is doing through the life, people and ministries of First Baptist. Come and See the numerous ways FBC connects with and engages our community.   

Over these weeks, we will invite members to tell their stories in worship, LifeGroups and as a natural expression of their life in Christ. We encourage you to reach out to your friends, neighbors and co-workers and invite them to Come and See what God is doing at First Baptist. Through new efforts of hospitality, we want to engage those already coming to FBC through our partnerships and ministries, inviting them to Come and See Jesus in new ways through the worship, LifeGroups and age-specific ministries of our church.

What do you seek? The Easter season is a great time to Come and See. We hope you will take advantage of the wonderful opportunities. And upon seeing, we invite you to Come and Follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.