Cross Story 1: Jim Spearman

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Jim Spearman likes Corvettes. Making old things new again is something that he does well. Because I know this about him, I wasn't surprised to see the Spearman name on the back of one of the crosses. As you're looking at the display, it's the large 3-layered, predominately white cross close to the middle of the left panel of the display.

A man who loves Corvettes said that he chose this cross because of its simplicity and dimension. After all, the cross he and Judy brought was made of wood - it's one of the more traditional crosses brought in terms of materials. 

But in its simplicity, he says that he thinks the three layers of the cross the Spearmans brought might have something to do with the Trinity. He's reminded of the fullness of God each time he looks at it.

I wonder what you'll think about it whenever you walk by!