Cross Story 2: Jan Hodges

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Jan Hodges takes care of people, makes them well and whole again. It was interesting that this was somewhat reflected in the cross she brought for our cross display - it's a large, multicolored cross that looks like there are some white "stitches" in it that hold it together. As you're looking at the cross display, it's almost in the very middle. Just look for the cross with more colors than any of the others!

Jan got this cross a few years ago for her birthday, and it was given to her by a friend. Because of this, she said that the cross represented friendship.

At the same time, she is reminded of the many different colors or aspects of our lives. Because it looks like something that has been pieced together from many different colors of material, she thinks of it as a "beautiful representation of the cross of Christ."

Jan's hope is that you will look at this cross, see the many different colors that may not completely fit, and see that Christ takes the ugly, and through the cross, makes it beautiful. Maybe the Christ who makes something as reprehensible as the cross can do the same in our lives!

I wonder what you'll think about whenever you walk by!