Cross Story 3: Donna Dye

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Donna Dye has a special story around the cross she brought. It's a large cross at the bottom of the left panel of the cross display, made of many small pebbles, with a smaller cross put on top of it. 

Her mom (Polly Jones) made it for her at Life of Service, an adult day care center in Choctaw. Her mom had dementia, something that hits close to home for many folks I've talked to in our congregation. Whether it is a family member or friend, our folks have seen people affected by dementia, but what is striking is how many folks have also had incredible caregivers who have gone above and beyond.

This was true for Donna's mom with Lisa Wilkerson, the owner of this adult day care facility. Lisa helped her mom make things regularly, with this cross and an Easter sign on Donna's door being specific things that she still keeps with her. After her mom needed additional care beyond the normal time of an adult day care, she went to live with Lisa until she passed away two years ago in December. Recently, Lisa realized that she still had the cross and gave it to Donna, just as we were beginning to ask for crosses for our cross display.

The smaller cross mounted to the front of the larger cross has 1 Corinthians 11:7 on it -  "love bears all things." I'm sure this verse has extra meaning for her as she looks at this cross.

She recognized that "everyone has a memory attached to the cross that they brought," a reminder that we remember people because of the good times we've shared together, with these memories often attached to objects.

I wonder what you'll think about whenever you walk by!