Cross Story 4: Marilyn Lasseter

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Marilyn Lasseter had the distinct pleasure of going to Israel with FBC Norman last October, and the wooden Jerusalem Cross in the bottom right corner of the cross display caught her eye. Fittingly, it caught her eye in a Christian store in Jerusalem, but it was the detail of the cross that interested her.

Jerusalem Crosses are a specific type of cross, with each arm of the cross being equal in length - it looks more like a plus sign than a traditional Christian cross. It's surrounded by four other Jerusalem crosses. These four crosses might have two meanings: they might represent the Gospel (represented by Jesus) going to the four corners of the world OR they might represent the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), with Jesus represented by the larger cross that is literally and metaphorically at the center.

What drew her to this particular cross was it's beauty. It has a grain to it that reminds us of the sand that Jesus walked on. It has spices, gold, and other earthy material to remind of the gifts of the Magi. It is made of olive wood, the kind that would have been used by a humble carpenter in Jesus' day.

Marilyn hoped that you would think of the gospel, of Jesus' sacrifice and our salvation when you walked past it.

I wonder what you'll think about whenever you walk by!