Deadline nears for Peru sign-up

Posted by Shana Adkisson on

In 2018, First Baptist Church will partner with Operacion San Andres (OSA) by sending a team of high school youth for the third time.

The deadline to sign up for the mission trip is Nov. 19 and the deposit is $200.

Avery Taylor plans to make another trip to Peru, and she's pretty excited about it, too.

"What I like most is getting to be with all the kids and invest in them and see their reactions when we would teach them things and talk in their language," Avery said.

This will be Avery's second trip to Peru, her last trip being the first time she traveled outside of the United States.

"It is a life changing experience. You get to go out of the country and do something you have never got to do before," Avery said. "On this second trip, I'm most excited about seeing the kids we saw the last time and reconnecting. I can't wait to see how much they've grown and learned since we were there last."

There are several opportunities to serve with Operacion San Andres, said Clint Taylor, Minister of Recreation and Youth.

"We are truly excited to be bringing this opportunity to our youth. There is still time to sign-up. Those who are interested should email me at ," Clint said.