Dinner for 8

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Meals shared across a table are some of the most treasured times our family has. Sometimes we spend our time preparing the meal, setting the table, eating the meal, and cleaning up afterward TOGETHER. I love these moments. Dinner for 8 is a chance for our church family to experience a meal with people that are not in our normal crowd or our generation for the purpose of getting to know each other on a different level. We have seen University students in groups with some of our oldest generation. We have had couples that did not know each other become great friends. Something powerful happens when we sit around a table together.

This past spring, Jill and I had the privilege of sharing meals across a table with a few other couples as part of Dinner for 8. Once we figured out all of our schedules, we found the “perfect” time to share these meals…once a month for a few months, and even one mid-summer. We decided on a restaurant near church for each of our meals, and we chose Sunday lunch right after worship as our time. It worked beautifully…and the relationships that we have begun will continue. We could’ve eaten at one of our homes…we could’ve eaten at a different restaurant each time…we could’ve had picnics in the park. By eating at the same restaurant each time, we discovered that location is not nearly as important as the people around the table.

Dinner for 8 is your chance to share these kinds of meals with seven other people so that you, too, can discover the kind of family that is possible when gathered around a table, no matter the location.

You can SignUp for Dinner for 8 by clicking HERE to fill out the form or you can turn in a Df8 form to the church office. This Sunday, August 9, is the deadline to SignUp! We will have a KICKOFF LUNCHEON on Sunday, August 23, from 12 - 1 p.m. in Hallock Hall.