Exciting things happening with our littlest people!

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It’s about that time again…school is starting very soon! Here at First Baptist Church, Norman, we are very excited to announce many changes for our children for this fall.

We will once again be starting our Parent’s Day Out (PDO) program for children from 6 months thru 4 years old.

This year, we will have a couple of new things! One is that we are partnering with Norman Public Schools to have 2 classes of All Day Pre-K. It is a first year pilot program and we are excited about having 40 Pre-K students starting their education here this fall!

To follow up with our All Day Pre-K, we have created our new K-Jr. program. It is specifically geared to our Pre-K and Kindergarten children. Amanda Rhea will be heading up this new program.

We will also still have our Kaleidoscope program for children in the 1st thru 5th grades.

Will you pray for our students, their parents, and our workers as they start a new school year?

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