Girls and Guys Night is coming!

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Calling all girls and guys, first grade through university. It is only 2 days until our fun night out at the FLC and youth hall. 


Guys, be ready for lots of snacks, games, gym time, and the usual ruckus with Rich and Chris at the FLC. Remember to wear something from your favorite sports team or your favorite superhero. Showing how much game you have on the basketball court or beating Rich at foosball is a requirement.


Girls, we are going to have fun in the youth hall with popcorn, games, and watch the 2015 live version film Cinderella. Dancing, singing and being fabulously silly is highly encouraged. Don't forget to wear your comfiest PJs for the movie, and bring a pillow and stuffed animal to snuggle.


If you have any questions or would like to let us know you're attending, please email me at 


Rich, Chris, Madi and I can't wait for Friday! See you at 6:30!