Good Friday

Posted by Dr. Wade Smith on

It is Friday evening. Jesus, the anticipated Messiah, is dead. The dreams, hopes, and promises of a new Kingdom crucified. Jesus' followers find each other and gather in secret places. It is unknown if the Jewish and Roman authorities will be looking for them next, so they must be careful. What will the next hours hold? What will become of this band of friends and disciples over the next days and weeks? Through the tears and devastation, however, life must go on. This is what Jesus would have wanted!  

First Baptist hosts Secret Church each Good Friday evening at 6:30 in Common Ground. The dark, intimate setting invites worshippers to gather "secretly" in solidarity with those disciples in the hours after Jesus' death. How can we make sense of Good Friday? Granted, we know that Easter Sunday is near, but what if for just a few moments, we allowed ourselves to feel and experience the despair and hopelessness of His disciples on that Friday and Saturday

Secret Church opens the door for reflection, conversation, prayer, and singing as we experience and encourage each other through our own Good Fridays.

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