Growing Intergenerational Faith

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A week and a half ago, I had the distinct pleasure to watch something that I think few youth ministers get to see. I got to see the future of our church.

Youth and children got on vans during normal Wednesday night times and were delivered to long term care facilities of all kinds to give pots of flowers to FBC members and other folks who were living there. This was all part of our To Norman With Love week, and it was awesome. 

Youth were paired with children, handed a few pots of flowers, and told rooms of church members to deliver to, with very few extra instructions. Watching them go to each room, I heard one of our kids say “I just thought this might make you happy.” I don’t know about you, but I audibly reacted with my appreciation for that moment. We have some great parents, children’s workers, and a great children’s minister, friends.

The weird thing for me was that I was worried about getting all the pots handed out so we could get back on the van and to church on time, but our youth and kids wanted to stay and talk! They were focused on what was really important – helping to brighten someone’s day, showing true care and concern, and making new friends. We all have so much to learn from those younger than us! For just a moment, generational gaps were compressed to the point of nonexistence by those who are too naïve to know they exist and those willing to simply share their stories. If either side of that equation were missing, it still would’ve been a great project, but because both sides were willing to bring something to the table, it was more of a success.

Will you be a part of this intergenerational future of our church? How do we best love people enough to listen to their stories and live the journey with them?

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