Keep Calm and Stay Up Late!

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Our annual spring sleepover this year was epic. Not only did we have a glow stick party, nerf war (complete with charging stations and a Spiderman obstacle), scary sardines in the dark, and a phenomenal talent show, but we also had youth volunteers that made the night awesome. Eight of our youth elected to hang out with our kiddos and spend the night. I doubt they fully understood what they had gotten themselves into or how much fun our kids like to have, but I know they enjoyed it.

The kids also loved having Rich crash the party and hang out all evening. Their favorite was shooting him with nerf guns and having nerf sword fights. We really do have an awesome youth minister!

The talent show was packed with extreme talent. Our kids showed off their skills with songs, dancing, comedy routines, sword fights, gymnastics, and we were privileged to hear a hilarious monologue by our youth boys. Thank you to all the youth, Rich, and Mr. Russ who made it a memorable and fun evening of laughter and mayhem. We can’t wait for the next one!

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