PDO Three/Four Class Field Trip!

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The Three/Four year old class went on its annual field trip Wednesday,  May 11. This year we went to Lake Thunderbird! We saw many things that God made. There were ducks, geese, squirrels, ants, trees, water and a blue bird! 

We hiked next to the water and threw in rocks. They made wonderful splashing noises. While walking on one of the grassy paths, we came on “tall" ant hills. These were the homes of the ants so we jumped and dodged them to keep from scaring the ants. A Red Eared Slider (turtle) was crossing the path. We watched it walk.

After all our exploring we went to June Benson Park for our picnic lunch and a little playground time. Some of us were so tired we feel asleep in the van on the ride back to the church! Thank you God for a wonderful day!


Ms. Ada, Ms. Sara & Ms. Emily