Psalm 19

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One of the goals for our students is that they critically engage with the Bible.

In other words, what is happening at the time that this text was originally written? What kinds of themes do we see here? In what ways can the text (no matter which one we're looking at) speak to us today?

We did an activity on Wednesday night with our students where they read Psalm 19, looking for the literary devices (similes, metaphors, personification, etc.) that speak about God, noting the shifts in tone, and then trying to come up with a general theme for the psalm.

As I've been thinking about this particular psalm since then, I've been stuck on the idea of how God speaks to us through the created order and how we should respond. Many times when the world isn't as I think that it should be, I forget to live with my eyes open to the wonders of God. Instead, I become focused on the next task in front of me (at best) or pout in the corner (at worst).

I know that some of you are further along the journey than I am, having learned to see the good in the world and thanking God for it along the way. But for those of us for whom this isn't easy yet, continue to lovingly show us the way.

Anyone else have any thoughts on that particular psalm?