Sweetheart Night

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Some parents use it for a night out in OKC to grab sushi, steak, or a movie. Some parents just want a night in with no kids.

Whatever they chose, our parents took advantage of Sweetheart Night. From babies to 5th grade, 56 kids were dropped off at the church for a night of crafts, games, and fun while their parents celebrated Valentines Day.

Our younger ones made valentines for their parents and made all sorts of fun ruckus in the nursery. The older children played basketball in the FLC (boys against girls of course) or flew across the gym floor at lightening speeds on scooters. The best activity of the night was when the kids got to show their creative side on canvas. We had some masterpieces that I know will be worth millions one day ;)

All in All, our Sweetheart Night was a success and we look forward to more fun evenings out with our FBC Kids. I want to say thank you to our dedicated workers and our adult/youth volunteers that spent their Friday night with us. You are the ones that make it memorable and we love you! 

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