The Streams of Psalms

Posted by Dr. Wade Smith on

The Streams of Psalms worship series begins Sunday, October 11 and will run through November 22. During these weeks we will look at some of the more familiar Psalms and be reminded of their beauty and contribution to our faith. N.T. Wright notes that the book of Psalms “represents the Bible’s own spiritual root system.” He makes the point that a “Psalm-shaped” worldview not only informed the way Jesus understood His own identity and calling, but that it is available to shape and form our understanding of life and faith today.

The Psalms accurately picture the ups and downs, risings and fallings, despairs and exaltations of life. Some Psalms are written as God’s word to us, while others are written as our words to God. German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer believed that prayer was the only way to understand the Psalms. He wrote “it is not our prayer that interprets the Psalms, but the Psalms that interpret our prayers.”

Regrettably, many have neglected the Psalms in their prayers and meditations. Over these next weeks, we will renew our practice of reading, praying, singing and meditating on the Psalms. We will ask God to grant us a “Psalm-shaped” worldview. We will look for Psalms that put into words our own fears, failings, and frustrations. We will offer the Psalms as praise and thanksgiving. We will receive God’s words of courage, instruction, and healing. Let us be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water...

The Streams of Psalms await us.