Through the Looking Glass

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A murder mystery may not be the holiest of activities.
Still, it was the focal point of the University Ministry’s recent Alice In Wonderland themed Halloween party. 
Roughly 30 students and sponsors descended on the Family Life Center’s craft room late Wednesday, October 28th. Some wore costumes, some showed up in their streets and sneakers. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We drank hot tea, played larger-than-life Jenga, threw playing cards, hit stuffed animals with home-made croquet mallets, ate delicious snacks, and in the end brought the King’s justice to the White Rabbit, who accidentally murdered the Queen of Hearts whilst attempting to poison Alice. 
Granted, these aren’t the usual church-y activities that take place during a typical UM Wednesday night devotional. Typically we have a prayer, followed by a time of worship through music, and ending with an in-depth Bible study.  That Wednesday, however, we shook things up a little. And it was good for us. 
You may not know it, but there are University Students helping with different ministries all over the church. Some help with children, quite a few help with youth activities, and still others participate in the choir, orchestra, and late service band. It seems some weeks they are so busy with other personal, academic and church obligations (singing, teaching, helping, playing, etc.), they don’t get to spend any time talking, laughing, or getting to know one another.
And that’s where a loosely-structured costume party comes in handy. I mean, when two people show up in banana costumes, you can bet there’s going to be some laughter and discussion. That discussion may not contain stuffy words and phrases like parallelism, christology, exegesis, hermeneutics, markan sandwiches, kerygma or chiasms, but I think it aids in building the church in other ways.
God save the Queen, and God bless FBC Norman.
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