Tornadoes and Hail

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On Wednesday night March 25th, I was reminded of the one thing that I didn't miss about Oklahoma during my "missionary journey" to Texas - sudden, severe weather. 

That the worst of it came just as we were beginning our youth time was frustrating to me. We had scheduled a different kind of Wednesday night together - singing, reading multiple chapters of the Passion narrative, and taking the Lord's Supper together. Those little cups are hard to fill!

But as I've reflected since then, I've wondered about what it must have been like for Jesus' followers the night when he was arrested. Were they, like us, bunkered down, trying to stay safe in the face of uncertain external forces? Was there a very healthy amount of fear? Did any of them look around and wonder if this would be the last group of people they would be with? Did any of them resolve to take care of some regrets or make some future commitments, with that resolve forged in the crucible of that particular moment?

And was there a profound sense of relief when it was all over?

I remember walking up the stairs from the basement hidey-hole we retreated to last Wednesday night and saying a simple prayer: thank you, Jesus. I'm not even sure that sufficed, as it seemed too simple. I imagine that was the way the disciples felt when they saw the risen Christ.

I wonder if those of us who identify as Christians rush to resurrection too quickly. Maybe we need a reminder that fear and frustration are okay for a little while. At some point, whether here or the hereafter, we trust that God will work it all out, as we continue to trust in the faith that we claim.

Maybe next time, I won't need tornadoes and hail to remember this.

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