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Connect is a ministry intended to “connect” University students with God, their local church, and their fellow believing peers. During this time, students can come and rest, fellowship, and worship-a nice break to rejuvenate from busy lives of class, work, and studying. 

A typical Wednesday night looks like a group of 15 or so college students hanging out, talking about their weeks, playing some spike ball, and then moving toward a time of corporate worship. Our singing is led by two OU students, Jay Harp and Emma Bruce-both very talented and we are grateful to have them! Then we move into a time of learning. This time can look like anything from group discussion led by someone with a topic and notes, to reading scripture together and learning from one another. 

This semester we have had the privilege of learning from one of our peers and one of our ministers. For two weeks, Amen Holman, a student at the University of Oklahoma and member of FBC Norman, walked through scripture with us and showed how God is like a loving husband to His bride (John 4:1-30; Genesis 29) and a faithful shepherd to His flock (John 10; Psalm 23). 

The last two weeks, Kirk Hatcher, Minister of Spiritual Formation, has been teaching us about spiritual disciplines. The first week we talked, the second week we did. Some of these spiritual disciplines were sacred scripture readings, journaling, prayer, and times of reflections. We ended the evening by taking communion together. Kirk emphasizes that these disciplines do not make God love us any more or less, but that they bring us to a place of awareness of what God is doing in and around us. It’s always nice, and important, to make time every day to connect with God. 

How are you connecting with God, your church, and/or your peers? Come CONNECT with us on Wednesday nights; 8-9pm at Common Ground! We’d love to see you!

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