Upside Down: The Wisdom of James

Posted by Dr. Wade Smith on

In just a few weeks, the record setting May rains will give way to the brutal heat of an Oklahoma summer.  And so, images of icebergs as part of our summer worship theme, Upside Down, hope to offer respite from the coming 100 degree days.  Have you ever taken the time to admire the beauty of an iceberg?  Each one is unique in its size and shape.  Some tower above the water, while others just barely peak out of the ocean.  For the most part, however, they are simply white “bergs” of snow and ice.

But have you ever seen an iceberg that has been turned Upside Down?  These icebergs come alive with deep blue and green colors.  Their beauty stands out distinctly among the right side-up icebergs.  They are awe-inspiring.

Likewise, the Book of James offers wisdom and practical insights into life and faith that stand out from the worldly wisdom of our day.  At first glance, the wisdom of James may seem Upside Down, but if we will take time to peer into its unique beauty, we will discover a way of life that stands out from the “right-side up” wisdoms espoused by our world.

Join the First Baptist family in worship each Sunday during the summer as we allow the Spirit of God to refresh our lives with the Upside Down wisdom of James.  

Consider it pure joy when you encounter various trials...

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