Vacation Bible School Goes to Thailand!

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For anyone at the church last week after 5pm, I’m sure you heard the rumble from downstairs; kids from all over the Norman area gathered in our building for VBS Thailand Trek. Kindergarteners all the way to fifth graders ran back and forth between games, crafts and bible adventures, experiencing the worship experiences and lifestyles of Thailand.

Of course, the fun isn’t theirs alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with our elementary kids, but my favorite part of VBS is watching the whole of our church come together to support each other in this massive event. Our college students and young adults, our seniors, parents, grandparents and ministers all shoulder to shoulder in one location with one objective, sharing talents, stories and faith. No job I do is more humbling or empowering.

We cater to a wide range of families at First Baptist, wider still at VBS where many families who come do not call First Baptist, or any other church home. But we have an amazing group of volunteers who give their all to it and the results show their devotion. Quite simply, the kids love it and we love it too. Our church is not a building, it is a group of people brought together by the spirit in worship and work. So it pleases me to say that last week, helping at VBS, I got to see a whole bunch of families experience our church.

On behalf of, and to all of our volunteers at VBS, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. We are looking forward to next year all the more!