What we're doing and why...

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A few weeks ago, we asked our church family to bring crosses to share in a congregation-wide cross display. So far, we have had 43 crosses brought to be a part of this display. 

Some of the crosses are large, some are small. Some are simple, some are heavily ornamented. Some are made only of wood, others are made of all kinds of materials. Some are one color, others are many colors. You get the picture.

But what has struck me is how different each one is. They each evoke a different response in me as I walk past them. I wonder if you've had the chance to look at the cross display and if you've stopped to ponder the various things that these crosses mean to the people who submitted them. 

For the rest of the week through Easter Sunday, we'll be telling some of the stories behind the crosses. Some of them will be shorter and simpler, as you might expect. Other stories will take a minute or two to read. This is much like our stories as a congregation-they are many and vast, with the one constant being that they are all different.

I hope you'll take the time to read them. And to consider the significant diversity we have in the stories of our community of believers.