You Never Stop Growing

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We concluded another wonderful fall class of Growing In Christ. Six eager students arrived each Sunday night with a bible in hand, waiting for God to teach them something beautiful about Himself. It is always fascinating to teach this class to our youngest members. Some of them have questions about what it means to be a Christian, some of them have already been baptized or a follower of Christ for awhile, and some just don’t know what they are doing (all they know is mom said they must go.)

Fortunately, FBC Norman’s Growing In Christ class has a flexible curriculum that does its best to meet the needs in each of these circumstances. What is fascinating is to see how God works in the lives of these students in only four short weeks. Some of them are very confused or anxious, hoping to find out all the answers to their questions. However, the reality is that we are constantly Growing in Christ and in no way will we ever understand everything there is about the Holy, Majestic, and Awesomeness of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each student is presented with truths to begin this journey and the assurance that nothing can ever separate them from Christ. We encourage them to search, learn, wrestle and seek God’s will as they try to follow Him daily. Each class prepares them more and more to make their faith their own and not that of their parents, or what Ms. Crystal says to believe.

Their faith is THEIR faith, and we are here to help and walk alongside. As our Youth Minister, Rich, reminds our youth of daily, “we are all works in progress.” Therefore, walk with Christ, allow Him to grow you in your faith and rely on the Holy Spirit to unveil truths of our beautiful God to you each day.