Worship Services


9:15 a.m. Bible Study

10:30 a.m.

Classic Worship: Sanctuary
(211 W. Comanche)
LifeSong Worship: Common Ground
(324 W. Main)

We are blessed to have two different styles of worship, gathering in two different locations at the same time! Each style and location has its own personality as we seek God through our worship.






In this service, you will most likely find an orchestra, a choir, and a piano and a pipe organ pushed to their limits. Our Classic Worship takes place in the Sanctuary, giving it the perfect setting, complete with stained glass.


LifeSong frameLifeSong Worship

This service takes place in Common Ground, a building just down Main Street from the main FBC Campus. The purpose of LIfeSong Worship is to give each of us a blank canvas for worship. Instrumentally, each Sunday is different, but you will most likely see several different kinds of guitars, a piano, drum kit, and an occasional tamborine.