40 Years of The Family Life Center


For 40 years the Family Life Center has stood tall at 300 W. Comanche St. as an extension of the ministry of First Baptist Church. On Saturday, May 4 a celebration not only honored those 40 years but also said thank you to those who have been involved in the FLC ministry through the years.


First Baptist Church’s $1 million Family Life Center took five years of building and planning. Today, the Family Life Center is home to a thriving gymnastics program, Kaleidoscope after-school programs, craft classes, health and wellness classes, basketball leagues and much more.

“The Family Life Center concept among our church culture in America was flourishing in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. FBC Norman embraced this vision by stepping out in faith, recognizing a vision of how God could use the vehicle of church recreation and family life to complement its offering to our church and community. FBC had great insight and proactively brought it to life. And, 40 years later, we are glad it happened,” Jim Stewart, First Baptist retired minister of Family Life and Associate Pastor, said.

“The Family Life Center was only 3 years old when I walked through the doors at 300 W. Comanche. The Family Life Center has been a vital ministry of First Baptist Church for 40 years and I have been blessed to have been a part. When the Family Life Center was built 40 years ago it was a rare ministry in churches. Thankfully our church had the vision and willingness to reach out. It is a place to grow, experience life together and share the love of Jesus in a unique way.” Riggs said. 

Jim Stewart: Reflections of 40 Years
Vickie Riggs: Blessed to see FLC Grow