Open Positions

First Baptist Church Norman is currently seeking applicants for a Business Administrator and a Minister of Family Life. Both positions are full-time and complete job descriptions can be found below. For more information or to apply, email

Minister of Family Life


The Minister of Family Life is to develop and implement a ministry to families of all ages with a focus on young adults/families and students through the Family Life Center (FLC). With an entrepreneurial spirit, the Minister of Family Life will re-envision the FLC as a “Center for Community” to reach students, singles, couples, and families, welcoming them into the life of the church. The Minister of Family Life will serve as a member of the FBC Ministry Staff nurturing a team spirit for ministry, outreach, and discipleship. The Minister of Family Life will also have opportunities to preach and teach.


As a minister at First Baptist Church, Norman (FBCN) there are a number of general expectations as a staff member:

· Declare faith in Christ, with an authentic, growing relationship with Him.

· Demonstrate a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

· Articulate and demonstrate a call to ministry.

· Affirm a call to minister to this congregation and the community of Norman.

· Demonstrate a heart for the lost.

· Affirm the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message and the Core Values of FBCN.

· Cooperate fully as a member of the FBCN ministerial staff.

· Maintain confidentiality.

· Exhibit strong leadership in planning and working with staff and volunteers.

· Provide a faithful example of Christian stewardship.

· Participate in the pastoral care ministry of the church.

· Effective oral and written communicator.

· Perform tasks with little supervision.

· Solve complex and ambiguous problems.

· Work as a team member in a multi-ministry staff church and with volunteers.


· Serve under the supervision and direction of the Pastor and under the general oversight of the Personnel Committee.

· Participate in a formal evaluation each year with the Pastor and Personnel Committee

· Serve in appropriate areas of ministry with dignity and purpose.

· Develop plans and initiatives supporting the Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan of FBCN

· Create awareness of FBCN denominational/mission partners.

· Coordinate accountability of work schedule and time away with the Pastor

· Work closely with the ministry team(s) to develop ministry goals, objectives, and appropriate funding through the FBCN Ministry Plan (Budget)

· Work with the Business Administrator to manage the Ministry Plan(s) and other funding sources according to FBCN Policy and Procedure standards

· Recruit, screen, train, and support FLC volunteers

· Work with the Communications Specialist to publicize events and activities through creative and responsible use of print and digital resources.

· Fulfill ministry responsibilities with integrity, diligence, perseverance, and excellence.

· Honor the demands and needs of family and personal rest.
· Utilize regular opportunities for personal enrichment and ministry advancement which will cultivate personal skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to perform the assigned responsibilities.


· Re-envision and develop the FLC into a “Center for Community” to meet the spiritual, social and recreational/fitness needs of families with a focus on young adults/families and students.

· Supervise the FLC Operations Manager to assure facility needs are coordinated and scheduled to meet the most effective needs of the ministry.

  • Work with the Business Administrator and Trustees to maintain the FLC facilities.
  • Develop, equip and empower appropriate ministry teams to support the vision and ministry of the FLC.
  • Coordinate efforts to strengthen church and community involvement in the total FLC ministry and encourage active participation in such ministry.
  • Recruit train and supervise part-time staff and volunteers needed to support the ministries, programs, and operations of the FLC.

· Promote cross-generational fellowship and community within the FBCN family through outreach activities or ministry.

· Find creative and purposeful ways to reach out to the local community and to actively pursue methods of connecting community participants to the life of FBCN.

· Provide support and encouragement, and partner with ministry staff in the performance of their duties through the use of the FLC, being available as needed to reinforce and strengthen the overall ministry effectiveness of FBCN.

· Create and sustain an intentional relationship to the total body life of the church, providing personal leadership and support in keeping with the giftedness and passions of one’s interests and spiritual calling.

· Other responsibilities as agreed upon under the direction of the Pastor.

Business Administrator

 First Baptist Church, Norman, OK, a faith-based organization, is looking for a Business Administrator. Duties include management of the facilities maintenance and the day-to-day financial concerns of the church. A broader job description is attached. The candidate for this position needs to have a working knowledge of GAAP principles and experience in building maintenance. This position will also manage the church maintenance and office staff and coordinate those staff with the ministerial team. A preference will be given to candidates with 2 or more years in commercial business management.

The position is compensated by a total package of $ 80,000 which includes salary, personal health insurance, and federal withholdings. The position is an approx. 40 hour a week position which includes Sunday morning, on-call for alarms, and several meetings a month (2 – 4) outside of the normal weekly schedule.

Applicants will be expected to pass at a minimum a background check. This is a faith-based organization and the Business Administrator will be expected to support the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan of First Baptist Church, Norman faithfully and uphold Christian standards both professionally and personally.

Submit resumes by July 21.


The Business Administrator is the primary manager of the business affairs of First Baptist Church, Norman (FBCN) operations – including facilities operations/management, financial operations/oversight, and personnel management of office/support staff.


As a staff member at First Baptist Church, Norman there are a number of expectations in conduct of work:

· Maintain confidentiality of all matters as they relate to FBCN.

· Support the Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan of FBCN faithfully.

· Support the Christian standards as set forth in the Mission, Vision, Core Values of FBCN.

· Cooperate fully and positively as a member of the FBCN staff.

· Receive and participate in an annual review with supervisor(s).


· Ability to communicate with a high level of tact and confidentiality.

· Ability to recognize and manage varying priorities for work assignments/requests.

· Knowledgeable of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

· Knowledgeable of competitive purchasing techniques.

· Generally knowledgeable of Facilities Management issues regarding HVAC, electrical, plumbing, building structures and roofing.

· Ability to exercise diplomacy and be a team player.

· Excellent work ethic and attention to detail.

· Desire to faithfully support the mission and vision of FBCN.


Administrative and Planning

· Provide administrative support for church staff and personnel activities, maintaining a general knowledge and/or obtaining expert counsel as required in areas such as tax law, labor requirements, IRS regulations, etc.

· Work with professional and laity ministry program leaders to assign/prepare/maintain church facilities, space, and equipment for regular and special functions.

· Work with community, local government, and other church leaders to foster cooperative relationships to further the mission of FBCN.

· Advise and assist with development and implementation of FBCN strategic plans.


· Provide leadership to administrative support staff.

· Assure all personnel (full time, part time, temporary, child, contract, etc.) work hours and payments, and safe work practices comply with all labor regulations.

· Maintain all personnel files in accordance with FBCN policies and federal, state, and local regulations.

· Conduct annual performance reviews with all office, custodial and maintenance personnel.

· Assist Sr. Pastor in coordinating ministry staff to assure the effective operation and ministry of FBCN.

Financial, Accounting, and Fiscal

· Work with FBCN Budget Planning and Administration Committee to prepare and manage the annual financial plan (budget).

· Support FBCN stewardship promotions.

· Support internal and external audits of FBCN financial policies and procedures, and records.

· Support FBCN committees to manage charitable trusts.

· Oversee FBCN financial office/staff to assure secure receipt and deposit of all contributions, and maintenance of all such records and confidential information.

· Oversee FBCN financial office/staff to assure all disbursements of church funds are made, recorded, and managed in compliance with GAAP, government regulations and ethical standards.

· As necessary, generate and update FBCN policies to assure policies encompass GAAP and internal accounting controls as required by the FBCN Internal Audit Committee and for administering the business affairs of FBCN.

· Maintain relationships with financial institutions and, in consultation with the Corporate Officers when appropriate, administer banking arrangements and loan agreements, and investment of FBCN assets as approved by the Trust Administration and/or Budget Planning and Administration Committee.

· Serve as primary purchasing agent – delegating as appropriate to program ministers, staff, and committees.

· Review monthly financial statements.

· Review quarterly ministry program income/spending and support ministers to develop 3-month and YE forecasts.

· Serve as ex-officio member of FBCN Budget Planning and Administration Committee

Facilities Management

· Provide direction and supervision for daily operation of maintenance staff.

· Maintain inventory of FBCN property and equipment and current assessment of condition.

· Regularly survey all facilities for maintenance needs and operational improvements.

· Manage repair and maintenance requirements of all property and equipment – including Fall Creek cabin, Missionary House, and other properties as acquired or supported by FBCN.

· Manage outside contractors as required for maintenance/repairs, construction/renovations, etc.

· Manage building environments (scheduling HVAC functions, etc.) to support ministry events and church operations.

· Manage facility information technology (IT) needs – equipment, operation, ministry support, etc.

· Work with FBCN Trustees to manage and support the use of church facilities in accordance with church policies, ministry programs, building programs, property sales and acquisitions, and all legal requirements.

· Supervise and support (together with Trustees) volunteer groups which provide Sunday morning building opening/monitoring/closing, property cleanup and workdays, special projects, etc.

· First call for alarm call tree – fire, security, Fall Creek, etc.

· Serve as ex-officio member of FBCN Trustees Committee.

Additionally, the Business Administrator:

· Is expected to adhere to church privacy policies and be able to deal with challenging situations and expectations with tact and kindness. They will serve as a representative of FBCN in all dealings they are involved.

· Will serve under the supervision and direction of the Sr. Pastor and the general oversight of the FBCN Personnel Committee – receiving an annual formal, written evaluation of performance.

· Will receive paid vacation and personal leave as defined in the FBCN Policies and Procedures Manual.

· Coordinate with the Sr. Pastor regarding accountability of work schedule and time away.

· Faithfully support the worship opportunities and ministries of FBCN.

· Perform other duties as assigned by the Sr. Pastor.

Typical Work Schedule

· 40 hour/week, M W F 7:30am – 4:30pm, T Th 7:30am – 11:30am, S 7:30am – as required.

· The short days (T TH) are intended to compensate for on-call Sundays and regular church committee responsibilities.

· 7:30 am start times are intended to support building environment and facilities maintenance activities.